Plagues EP


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The government infects a population while selling out their country's resources to foreign investors. The people, unknowingly infected with a virus which causes them to crave blood, angrily head north. When they reach their destination, the host country population is resistant to these walking plagues while the government welcomes them, as their goal the whole time was to depopulate the earth; to their design, to their death wish.


released July 15, 2017



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RENTSEEKER Dallas, Texas

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all sounds by james van damme.

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Track Name: Epidemic Mass Migration
how did it get like this/there is no food or work/there is no place to rest my head/the foreign investors promised the moon/we only got debt/we're headed north/epidemic mass migration/we will get our revenge/we want blood/we want you/you'll never keep us out/we're more than our gangs/we're on the other side already/open the gates
Track Name: The Undesirables
Let us in/We need a cure/You did this to us/We've become infected/You did this to us/Now we rot together/Damn right we did/You're marked for death/Stay in your cage/You deserve to perish, undesirables/If I'm going down you're coming with me/Like hell we will/We will persist/While you're dismissed/Did you forget your place/Undesirable/Break this door down/Kill this man/I want his blood/We greatly outnumber you/Now I am the law/Erasing your history/While rats sing along/We greatly outnumber you/Now I am the law/Erasing your history/While marching along
Track Name: Favor
In the time it takes/We'll be out of here/So far away/Never to return/I don't want to be seen/With you/So do me a favor/Forget my name/Forget my number/We've never met
Track Name: Not Even You
Take all our rights away/Give the illusion of safety/Meanwhile disguise/You're after your own/All you want is total domination/I'm onto you/I really loved you/I did this out of love/No one will compromise/What we've created/Not even you/So what's to come of all of us/When will the killing start
Track Name: Today is the Day
Today is the day/You meet your creator/What's yours is now ours/We've taken by force/Today is the day/We inherit the earth/To our design/To our death wish/I just want to be/You've won yourself nothing/This was our entire plan/You fell for it hook line and sinker/And you're just accomplices/Today is the day/You've won yourself nothing/We made our own fate/And you're just accomplices/I'd love to be all time all of the time