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Tronald Dump is set in a far off, fictitious world in which a supposed savior of humanity goes from newly elected leader to spearheading a massive depopulation agenda. The future will no longer need the general public as they will soon be replaced by machines. The elite will be able to live in luxury without the unwashed masses getting in the way.

A timeline of events, by track:

1. The people elect someone based on catchy slogans and soon realize he, in continuation of every other elected representative, has goals of their own that are further and further from theirs.
2. As a sizable portion of the population grows withdrawn, the world watches and their world slowly crumbles. Others pass the time by working as not to notice.
3. A fish rots from the head down, the corruption at the top of society becomes increasingly imitated by the general public.
4. Militant factions organize protests to goad the masses into accepting their worldview. The government corresponds with equal force. The general masses are caught in the middle. Some will not be intimidated.
5. Even through all of this, some parts of the public grow more interested in distractions like meaningless entertainment and sugary treats; nostalgic of better times.
6. Major cities continue to deteriorate into centers of crime and decadence.
7. The powers that shouldn't be openly brag about stealing and selling the nation off to foreign interests. Resentment of them starts to peak.
8. Relationships and families become meaningless as the prevailing narrative in this declining society does everything it can to encourage adultery and the end to the nuclear family.
9. Narcissism becomes fashionable and trendy. To not live for oneself and get everything they want is looked down upon.
10. When it becomes apparent those in charge plan to replace the masses with machines most begin to accept their future will eventually involve a mass grave. Until then, they will get an allowance from the government in order to survive; leaving them entirely dependent. They are now essentially pets.
11. Through nuclear war, populations are either wiped out or rounded up for mass execution. In this time, they realize that there really weren't very many difference between them despite rampant bickering encouraged by the government before to divide them.
12. Not all that are marked for death are compliant. Some fight back, refuse orders, and kill their masters.


released June 3, 2017



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RENTSEEKER Dallas, Texas

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all sounds by james van damme.

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Track Name: Campaign Rhetoric
We are so fucked.
Track Name: The World Is Watching
If we work ourselves to make a living/why do we kill ourselves working
Track Name: Sweet Imitation
Who makes the rules decides the crime/They're never doing any time
Track Name: FMLN
What do you want from us/This land is worthless
Track Name: Crystal Pepsi
Track Name: Ugly Fucking Oslo (Haust cover)
ugly fucking oslo/take me out tonight/take me to a dirty place/with cheap ale and/rock n roll suicide girls/i need someone to guide me/to someone's home/i need to see your black magic/ugly fucking oslo
Track Name: Parasitic Class
Burn the house of cards/Make paupers of them all
Track Name: Bayonet
You won't get too far/ We know your name
Track Name: Apathy
This world is going to die/And I'll dance on it's flames
Track Name: Accepting Our Future Is A...
The future no longer needs us/We'll be replaced/All of us by machines
Track Name: Mass Grave
I want to be given a second chance/To rise again
Track Name: The Executioner & I
Farewell you piece of shit